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PUT <configuration-id> /vms/ <vm-id> /interfaces/ <interface-id> /dynamic_public_ips/ <public-ip-attachment-key> .json



Updated representation of the dynamic public IP address with DNS name object


DELETE <configuration-id> /vms/ <vm-id> /interfaces/ <interface-id> /dynamic_public_ips/ <public-ip-attachment-key> .json


Updated list of objects attached to the VM.

POST <configuration-id> /vms/ <vm-id> /interfaces/ <interface-id> /ips.json

: Static public IP address


Static public IP attached to specified network


GET <configuration-id> /vms/ <vm-id> /interfaces/ <interface-id> /ips.json


List of public IPs attached to a network adapter


POST <configuration-id> /vms/ <vm-id> /interfaces/ <interface-id> /ips/ <public-ip-address> /detach.json


Static public IP is detached


PUT <configuration-id> /vms/ <vm-id> /interfaces/ <interface-id> ?network_id=

To disconnect from the network, you must set to an empty value.

This action isn’t supported for VMs in templates.


Disconnected network adapter


DELETE <configuration-id> /vms/ <vm-id> /interfaces/ <interface-id>

This action isn’t supported for VMs in templates.


Network adapter is deleted

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Published services v2 resource model

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Get published service description

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Delete a published service

Generally, a published service represents a binding of a port on a network interface to an IP and port that is routable and accessible from the public Internet. This mechanism is used to selectively expose ports on the guest to the public Internet.

Polanyi makes well the point that the first great transformation – that of the liberal free market system coming to fore, precipitated the second – the rise of fascism. It seems as though, in our current situation, we are seeing history repeat itself, as an over emphasis on the strength, power and even the moral goodness of the free market system, we are seeing the rise again of fascism and authoritarian regimes. The cruel irony is that the systems and controls that Polanyi suggests the government implement to counteract the rise of fascism and the realities that bring that rise, we seem unwilling to even attempt – precisely because they don’t line up with our devotion to the free market.

As those seeking to follow Christ – we are no longer given the luxury of seeing anyone (an individual or a group of people) as ‘other’ from us. We are told that ‘there is no longer Greek nor Jew, slave nor free….’ in the body of Christ and we are called to love our neighbor (which according to Jesus is, basically everyone) as we love and care for ourselves.

So beyond looking to simply move beyond the zero sum game that we so often play, and which separates our world into ‘us’ and ‘them’. Jesus tells us – as MLK reminds us – see the quote below – that there is no ‘them’, we are all in this together. I can’t ‘win’ if it means that you lose. In terms of our global relationships we don’t always see these consequences immediately – and in fact, as Polanyi (and others) have pointed out, the real consequences of these wins and losses often take decades to manifest themselves, but the ‘chickens always come home to roost’.

The call of Christ on our hearts and our lives bids us to step away from the competition with each other, the zero sum games we play against each other and to seek and share the true freedom that is found only in and through Jesus Christ.

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About the Author

Chip Stapleton

Follower of Jesus Christ. Husband to Traci. Dad to Charlie, Jack, Ian and Henry. Preacher of Sermons, eater of ice cream, supporter of Arsenal. I love to talk about what God is doing in the world in and through us create space and opportunity for others to use their gifts to serve God and God's people.
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This is certainly the scenario in the USA, Chip, which is the ultimate free market economy. Europe is a little different. Denmark has been voted the happiest country on earth, and it has a strong social welfare element. A number of the Scandinavian countries seem to focus more on work/life balance and on providing social protection against the vagaries of the free market. I think they are on to something, and seem to be happier for it. America (and Britain not far behind) seems much more cut-throat – the zero sum game that you write about.

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